Research & Resources

SEPA’s best-in-class research, reports and resources offer market intelligence that helps our members make educated decisions about solar and DER programs and projects.

  • Publications: SEPA offers valuable research to the SEPA membership in the form of reports, briefs and bulletins. View our collection of Publications.
  • SEPA Utility Solar Rankings and Top 10: Since 2008, SEPA has ranked U.S. electric utilities based on solar megawatts and watts-per-customer.  The report examines key utility solar trends, and ranks utilities nationally and regionally.
  • Newsletter: SEPA members receive a bi-weekly newsletter which contains the most relevant utility, solar industry and policy news.
  • Online Tools: SEPA’s online tools allow our members to explore utility solar case studies, business models, and solar projects using interactive mapping interfaces.
  • Personalized Research Services: As a SEPA member, if you have a question or research inquiry, SEPA expert staff are available to provide unbiased answers to your questions. SEPA staff expertise includes solar technologies (PV, CSP and solar water heating), grid integration, net metering, interconnection standards and codes, business models, regulatory and legislative trends, procurement, program management and strategic planning.
  • Utility Solar Database: Visit SEPA's Utility Solar Database (USD) for everything related to utilities and solar. The members-only USD provides all you need to know about utilities and their solar projects, from procurement to financing to customer rates.