SEPA solar industry members may submit thought leadership for inclusion in the searchable SEPA Resource Library.

How to submit content to the SEPA Resource Library :

Ensure that you and your submission meet the following requirements:

  • Submitter must be a SEPA Member (nonmembers: learn about membership)
  • Submission should provide insight into solar energy and/or utility business trends or operations
    Submission should convey knowledge based on direct experience in the solar and/or utility industries
  • Submission should reference, as appropriate, supporting research conducted by your company or others
  • If the submission is a written document, it should be no longer than 25 pages
  • If the submission is an audio/video file, it should be no longer than 20 minutes and must contain a written abstract to describe content. The submitter may also be asked to provide a written transcript of the content.
  • Submission should not be promotional in nature
  • Submission should not negatively review another person or company
  • Submission should not advocate for a specific policy position, whether local, regional, or national

Complete a submission form. Remember to include a brief summary and check all applicable categories.


Additional Information:

  1. Explore what makes a good submission in Tips for Resource Library Content Submissions.
  2. Resources will appear in the SEPA Resource Library for up to three years, provided the submitting company remains a member. Submissions older than three years will be moved to an archived status.

If you have questions about how to submit your paper, please email