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Bringing the Green to Customers

The Utility Solar Conference is one of the best organized events throughout the year. USC brings together the technology and thought leaders across both the solar and the utility industries to share ideas and collaborate on problem solving. As an attendee, the value comes with the opportunities to listen, interact and exchange ideas with key players working to incorporate more solar in a sustainable way into the grid. As a speaker, I’m excited to be able to share some of the things we are doing at Duke Energy to help our customers meet their renewable goals.

Customer Choice and the Emerging Utility Business Model

With the explosion in available information (and the technology to use it), the age of the customer is upon us. Conventional business models are being challenged in industries all around us. Consumers can now go to brick and mortar stores, test out a product, and then shop and purchase on-line, completely disconnecting the revenue stream. Similarly, in a matter of minutes, while in route, we can survey restaurant options and their reviews, phone a friend, and even find out what today’s special is before making a decision. Or we can simply order take out and pick it up on the way home.

300,000 PV Systems

SEPA released its national Utility Solar Rankings executive summary at the Utility Solar Conference (USC) earlier in April. The not-unexpected headline was ‘more solar megawatts for more utilities in more states’ for all project sizes, residential through utility-scale. The natural focus is on megawatts. They drive market capitalization. They drive state and utility comparisons. Megawatts are oh-so sexy in that geeky solar-utility way.